Art Is Resistance

Nathan Dube is the author of the novel “A Labyrinth of Dreams”, which lays the foundation for our conversation here. The book doubles as a hypersigil and is about 18-year-old Julian Crane who, after the murder of his grandfather, leaves the Christian faith to study occultism and the magical arts and discovers what he calls the realm of the seven dream worlds.

It caps off a nice trilogy of sorts with the two previous episodes with Dick Khan and Ian WIlson. So let’s kickstart this heart and cast this pod off into a place where the highest form of magic is and has always been art, and where that art is indeed resistance.

Also, the Mistress of Magic, Katelan Foisy, joins me for a few minutes in the intro to talk about a Kickstarter she’s involved in for “BECOMING DANGEROUS”, a nonfiction book of deeply personal essays by marginalized people using the intersection of feminism, witchcraft, and resistance to summon power and become fearsome in a world that would prefer them afraid.



Vestron Vulture - “I Want to be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”


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