Enter the Void

Nikki Wyrd is in the house for a chat inspired by a lecture she gave at the Occulture conference in Berlin last fall on age-old magic and ways to approach death. It was an appropriate theme there, because of the time of the year, and I still think it’s appropriate here in the northern hemisphere because we’re right in the middle of winter, which, if you deal with such seasons, you get it.

And it’s also appropriate considering recent space weather. That astrology’s been crazy recently, especially with that recent lunar eclipse. Lot of things changing, lot of things evolving, lot of things ending, lot of things dying. Such is the cycle of life.

Nikki doesn’t do a lot of podcasts these days, from what I’ve seen anyway, so for her to make some time for us was much appreciated. And hopefully the content and context of the chat resonates with some of you out there.



Vestron Vulture - “I Want to Be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”

Occams Laser - “Martyr Farker (Occulture Edit)”


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