Grimoires on Tape

Dr. Al Cummins is in the house to chat about some of the forbidden arts, as they were known during the Renaissance: a few different forms of divination, including geomancy, which Al is gearing up to teach here very soon. More on that after the chat. And also cartomancy, which both fascinates and excites me, probably in an unhealthy, strange sort of way.

Of course, Al is a professional diviner and historian, as well as a poet and a consultant of all things magical. His approach to ritual, divination, and sorcery comes from both a long-term practice and an academic background in the history of early modern magic.

And we put that background to the test at the very end of this chat. We had a little fun, and if you’re a patron, there’s something really cool in store for a couple of you here soon.


Listen at

  • Saint Raphael the Archangel and working with him for matters of health and healing, both physical and psychological

  • The physical, psychological and spiritual nature of magic itself

  • A bit about the cut-up technique made popular by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs, and how it relates to occult philosophy and magical practice

  • And the magic of scissors