Gates of Light

We’ve got a bit of a different show for you this time around. Our guest is Daniel Duke. He’s the author of the book Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure: Secret Diaries, Coded Maps and the Knights of the Golden Circle.

Dan is also a descendant of Jesse James, which we will get into during the chat. And this one is - well, I’d qualify it as something. It is something. Because Dan’s contention is that the outlaw Jesse James left behind treasure, maps to it and that it might not be material gold that we’re hunting for. More on that during and after the conversation.

Full show for everyone this time because I just couldn’t find a good spot to cut this off. And it’s just one of those stories that I think would be terribly incomplete without the full context. So put on your discernment caps and make of this one what you will. 




Vestron Vulture - “I Want to Be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”


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