The Heart Path

Jeff Nixa is a shamanic practitioner, teacher and author of The Lost Art of Heart Navigation: A Modern Shaman’s Field Manual. In 2010 he founded Great Plains Shamanic Programs, an array of counseling, healing and education services, including one-on-one fire talks, seminars, university classes, outdoor retreats, and wilderness trips.

In this chat Jeff and I are going to dig a bit into what is known as the heart path and that lost art of heart navigation. Basically, that’s taking wisdom from ancient shamanic traditions and using it to teach ourselves how to follow our heart so we live a more fulfilling life.

And despite what I just said about my personal new year celebration, I think it’s a great chat for this time of year when many of us are looking to make some changes in our lives. And it is a great companion to the last episode of 2018 about the forgotten art of love.

I was under the weather a bit when we recorded this. I think I had a bit of what Jeff calls hurry sickness. Just working myself into a state of dis-ease. Regardless, this conversation is - well, it’s fucking poetry on tape, I think. Yeah, I said tape. I’m analog, man, and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this, and I hope you get on the Patreon to hear the extension, because it’s well worth it.



  • Soul loss, soul extraction, soul retrieval

  • Dragons and dragonwork

  • How to alleviate self-induced suffering

  • Mindfulness and the body’s energy cycles

  • Toltec wisdom and shamanism

  • What dreams tell us about the heart path

  • Guided and unguided shamanic journeying



Vestron Vulture - “I Want to Be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”

Occams Laser - “Martyr Farker (Occulture Edit)”


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