The Morals & Dogma of Freemasonry

Ooo wee, we’re back with nothin’ but pure unadulterated love drippin’ down into that ear canal. And things are about to get a bit more intimate, because it’s time to lay back and settle in for a long, hot, spine-tingling eargasm.

And the man with the master plan for building us up to that is the Hermetic Hermit himself, Mr. Greg Stewart.

Greg is a 3rd-degree Blue Lodge Mason and a 32nd-degree Scottish Rite Mason. He’s been called a Masonic bodhisattva because of his quest to return Freemasonry to its esoteric roots. As a devoted student of the esoteric mystery schools, Greg is a firm believer in the Masonic connection to the Hermetic traditions of antiquity, its evolution through the ages, and its present configuration as the antecedent to most present day esoteric and occult practices.

Greg has explored the rites of Masonic initiation through a variety of initiatory systems with the goal of understanding the deeper meaning behind them. In that process, Greg’s exploration has converged with mainstream and esoteric religious traditions, rituals of religious practice, and their intersecting undercurrents.

Now, on the other side of that journey, the focus of his attention is on how those intersections relate to the Great Work, a subject he explores in a book series called Symbolic Lodge, which looks at the first three degrees of Blue Lodge Freemasonry and brings together aspects of Hermetica, the Kabbalah, the tarot, and other esoteric and occult fields to help understand the hidden meaning at work in the Symbolic Lodge of Freemasonry.

Greg previously maintained a blog called Masonic Traveler from 2005-2009, and you can read some of his essays and commentary from that blog in book form, published under the same name. Greg also formerly co-hosted and produced the Masonic Central podcast, the archives of which can be found, along with the rest of his personal Great Work, on the website



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