The Mystic Arts of Healing All Signs of Trauma

Franceasca Seiden is a documentarian, fine art photographer and a writer with a BFA in visual arts and art history and an MFA in film. She’s written for several art publications focusing on the Los Angeles creative community, with a focus on art that incorporates esoteric themes. She’s also the founder of LAiCREATIVES, a digital magazine serving creatives in LA.

But she’s not here today to talk about that. She’s here to talk about her knowledge of esoteric healing methodologies, which are focused around ritual magick, sound therapy and sex. Some of that sexual healing. Franceasca has created a series of workshops based around these methodologies called Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts, with a mission to take our innate sexual energy and transmute it into manifesting one's creative purpose in life using esoteric practices such as meditation, visualization and magick while also encouraging open and healthy, non‐judgmental conversations relevant to the human condition.

And that is exactly what you’re going to get here.



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Vestron Vulture - “I Want to be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”


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