Rainbow Bridge

If you’re listening to this on November 7, it is my birthday. Now, I don’t care about celebrating my birthday. I usually don’t. Just another day for me. So this episode is not some egotistical, self-indulgent crap that I’m throwing out there because I want the attention. In fact, this wasn’t even going to be an episode that I shared with you guys.

This started as a casual conversation with Michael Joseph, the man behind the schism206 YouTube channel. Some of you may have heard Mike on the Sage of Quay Radio Hour or The Higherside Chats. He is quite the resource for occult and esoteric information. He’s spent a lot of time reading and interpreting texts in this area and showing how the information in these texts comprise an occult belief system of the “elite”, and how those beliefs are portrayed in our cultural and political institutions.

The basis of this conversation though stems from Mike’s blossoming interest in astrology, to the point where he wants to start offering astrological services to folks who are interested in such things. And he asked me if I wouldn’t mind being a guinea pig for him. And who am I to turn down a free natal chart reading?


So the first hour or so of the chat is focused on that. And then it transitions into more of a self-reflective conversation, where Mike and I really open up about our concerns with occult and conspiracy culture. We may ruffle a few feathers here, because I think we touch on a couple areas and make a couple points that I don’t think get discussed much.

I should also point out that the video version of this on YouTube does contain visual support. I’ve included a link to the YouTube video in the show notes if you’re interested. It really is this best way to interact with this episode. If you’re not interested in video, I’ve also included a link to an image of my chart if you just wanna glance at it throughout. I should also note this one just sort of starts. There’s no formal introduction or greeting. It’s just Mike and I chatting.

So let’s open our minds and get ourselves ready for a nice, long critical think, and let’s cast this pod off deep into the heart of the zodiac as it was on November 7, 1983, at 9:20 pm, when the sun was in Scorpio, the Moon was in Sagittarius, and when my mom finally decided she’d had enough of me kicking and screaming inside of her.



Vestron Vulture - “I Want to be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”


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