The Susquehanna Mystery

Independent researcher Michael Wann is in the house to introduce us to what he calls the Susquehanna mystery.

SA Primer.jpeg

Mike has uncovered a potential nexus of advanced-level conspiracy and occult history that centers around both the Susquehanna River, which starts in New York state and empties into the Chesapeake Bay, as well as the 40th parallel.

This is a story that also has connections to John Dee and the Enochian system, as well as the technological singularity. Really, there's a ton of data here and it can be quite difficult to parse through it all in even two hours. If you're a patron, however, there's another two hours coming with Mike on this subject, and if you're not a patron and want more, please do check out

I should also note that due to length of this - it clocked in at 3.5 hours in total - I did not do as much post production on this as I usually do. So if you hear more breath noises or uhhs and umms than usual, I do apologize.



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