Trinity Star Trinity

Katy Bohinc is the author of Trinity Star Trinity, a long poem dedicated to the divine feminine recently released by the fine folks over at Scarlet Imprint.

Katy is a poet and a data scientist; an avant garde publisher and a professional marketer; an activist, an astrologer and an innovator. She studied pure math and comparative literature, and in her words, she doesn't think these things are contradictory; she thinks it's the future.

As for Trinity Star Trinity, this was written after experiences Katy had in the home of Greek lyrical poet Sappho and at the birthplace of the Greek Olympian Hera. The long poem takes shape as an ode or chant and is comprised of 27 poems of 27 words each, and speaks to Katy’s interest in astrology, triangles, and mathematics.

Katy did join me via cell phone and the audio was a bit problematic at times, but the message comes through loud and clear in the end, so stick with it, because we did some thinking, we did some questioning, and we did a whole lot of laughing.



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Vestron Vulture - “I Want to be a Robot (Tribute to Giorgio Moroder)”


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