911bodysnatchers: An Intro

I've spent the last two and a half years trying to get up to speed on the intersection of conspiracy and the occult, while bringing others along for the ride through various essays on Reddit. I've enjoyed researching and writing them at least as much as others have enjoyed reading them. And I'm beyond pleased at the kind feedback I've received from several other Redditors. In terms of a sense of community, I feel like they are making up for all the years of Facebooking I had foregone because I valued my privacy and humanity.

Through my essays, I've been trying to promote an evidence-based belief model that secret societies are the criminal gangster mafias that actually run the world—not the UN and not the US. This view will not be such a revelation to some, as it echoes the same ideas promoted by past researcher-mentors in the conspiracy domain, people such as Brussell, Parenti, Griffin, Tarpley, Gatto, Watts, PD Scott, McKenna, Colby, RA Wilson, Carlin, Hicks, Sheehan, Weidner, Irvin, and Corbett, to name a few.

These mentors helped shape a worldview that polyangulates upon a common denominator: a short list of groups whose members are found at nearly every harmful, anti-citizen historical event, including Freemasonry and its affiliate organizations, the Jesuits and their constellated gentry class, and various "orders" or "knights" (e.g.: of Malta).

It may be surprising for those unfamiliar with these groups that their members have a different and conflicting set of ethics from conventional ethos, a different religion not widely known or understood, and a very different agenda than said groups advertise. All of these 'differences' are a result of a deep divide between cultures—aristocrats and everyone else. The divide stems from the aristocratic ideology that inverts conventional sensibility by fostering a culture that reveres death, sex, authority and, most of all, secrecy as sacred. In addition to secrecy, a key feature of this culture is the paramount drive to maintain control through language, psychology, financial abuse, and terrorism. Their most popular tool is the Hegelian dialectic, an idea that ends do justify means and those ends are always done in the act of governance. They are working towards a master plan that has come into full view, and one could argue this technocratic plan makes Orwellianism look rudimentary and unsophisticated.

Basically, I'm trying to get people to understand the situation to at least the extent that I understand it, and offer them alternatives such as sovereignty, true democracy, and free choice—three things we think we have now but are merely illusions cast by those cultural engineers who have actively tricked us our entire lives. I want to blow smoke signals into the sky so people will see them collect under the dome and boundaries of the spectacle, and I want people to realize they are trapped. Being trapped itself can act as a shut-down mechanism, as others have pointed out, leading to cultural Stockholm syndrome.

The job I've given myself is to help others learn to defeat this cultural Stockholm syndrome by laughing at the enemy, mocking them in return, deconstructing their artifice before it can accomplish its goals. I also want to teach people the symbolic gang-sign language of their oppressors and ultimately have people refuse to accept this type of global abuse.

I believe we really do live in a global village, and so long as we can all understand that there is an organized adversary working against all of us, then I feel we should be able to join together our hearts and minds, our intellect and drive, and push these bastard psychopaths back to the valley of the damned where they came from and where they belong.