A Hologram Hillary for the King: HRC's Teleporter-accident Strategem for Cass Sunstein's Ministry of Truth

To a conspiracy theorist, the recent film "A Hologram for the King" might evoke shower thoughts about predictive programming and Project Bluebeam. Of course it had nothing to do with either; it was about Tom Hanks desperately trying to manage a hologram telepresence presentation to the Saudi King while living in the desert with a ragtag IT team, battling cancer and remotely managing a latchkey teenage daughter. I put it out of my mind about a week after watching the film.

But then, a hologram happened.

Or rather, Hillary happened.

More specifically, in a recent speech in Greensboro, North Carolina, numerous technical glitches distracted from her message. It resembled more of an hour-long teleportation accident or a glitch in her holographic personage. One particular glitch depicts Hillary as a snake made of our own face (top picture, above), giving her more chins than a Chinese Max Headroom.

These glitches ranged from annoying to absurd, culminating in a few frames in which she disappears entirely.

Many theories emerged, namely that she'd been replaced by a hologram or the video and audience itself were completely fake.

Of course, shortly thereafter, there was no shortage of Hillbot video expert forum-spies coming to ride the brakes on this narrative, with gishgallop nerdsplaining that ranged from sensemakingly acceptable to "I didn't really care that much."

Coupled with her alleged health issues, and the numerous conspiracies around them, this has struck me now as a kind of a Cass Sunstein disinfo one-two punch. A conspiracy turducken. A fake out, stuffed in a conspiracy, stuffed into a more believable conspiracy. A holographic metaspiracy, or conspirafractal. Very clever, but this gaslighting won't work. Sorry Sunstain. (Sunstein is the man hired by Obama to gaslight the public and quash conspiracy theorists that undermine media narratives. More on that below.)

Here is a redux of the event and gallery of her various glitches, which would be impossible for you not to find absolutely hilarious.

Here is the non-glitched video that has strangely shown up after-the-fact in YouTube search results. Of course, plausible deniability is baked into the title, which prominently displays the date as having been uploaded before the glitched version. Well-played, Sunstein, well-played.

Hypothesis: this corrected version was put out so the larger public will discredit conspiracy theorists who are peddling "Hillary glitched" narratives (like myself, even though it's just really fucking hilarious to me). This follows the outline they've already told us about (below) and is part of Sunstein's plan to derail conspiracy theorists by discrediting them using disinformation, lies and dirty tricks -- all with taxpayer dollars.

Cass Sunstein

Cass Sunstein

I believe this is part of a larger strategy of cognitive infiltration, a directive of Obama's Ministry of Truth run by pseudoacademic Sunstein and his anti-conspiracy initiatives. Their core strategy is to discredit conspiracy theorist in the eyes of others by putting out conspira-bait such as the Hillary hologram and hologlitch narrative itself by leaking a glitch video.


Because, you see, if they can make the hologram, they can also break the hologram.

Here is the highlight reel (I'm sure there are more):

There is one part that undoes their whole Sunstein double-fakeout narrative, and it's not Hillary's reinvention of fashion in her recursive-casual Cosby sweater she wears so well. No, it's the fact that Hillary supporters are holding up pro-Trump narratives:

"Love Trumps Hate"

This phrase would have you love...Trump's hate; that is, to fall in love with the hate of Trump. These words meet the criteria for twilight language, in the sense that it's acontronymical phraseology that attempts to bring about the opposite of its overt messaging. It's not a nice message, though at first glance it seems to be something benign, if banal or even trite.

This insidious neuro-linguistic contortion to throw the game in favor of Trump, while also recontextualizing him as an extremist agitator of an America under 'pre-Nazi Germany like conditions' is how you know this whole thing is a counter-op inside an op inside an op. It's to create maximum psychological cognitive dissonance as a shutdown. In essence, this is the stuff that makes cultural Stockholm syndrome. To pull out all the stops in the nonlinear warfare against the global everycitizen to win the fourth world, this conspiracy turducken shows itself to be ham-handed at best. Thus it serves us as a reveal of the fact that the establishment is actually scared shitless because timeline:

First they ignore you >> Then they laugh at you >> Then they fight you >> Then you win.

Guess where we're at in that timeline? That's right.

One more thing: Hologram...for the King? The king in this case is Obama. The Hologram Hillary for Obama. Because Obama doesn't want Trump either; he's said so. The master illusionist also said:

"the CIA gets what it wants"

So either they wanted Trump all along, or Obama wants both to fail by playing them against each other so that he can have his third term when Obama's 9/11 finally happens on or just before Election Day.

Don't know about you guys, but I'm about tired of all this nonsense. It's dirty. I wonder if people know their taxes are funding all of this?