The Alchemical Cross of Jesus

The alchemical symbol for vinegar (Latin: acctum) is the Maltese Cross.

I had to look up acctum in the context of alchemy to find the definition, which was in all cases sour wine, acetum or vinegar.

This is interesting because the Templars, Jesuits and Pope use this symbol everywhere.

Even the Queen of England wears it.


Why? It then occurred to me that in the context of alchemy, Jesus and Maltese crosses, vinegar has a special meaning: the Jesus sponge.

Vinegar was given to Jesus by sponge on the tip of a spear by a Roman guard. He had begged for mercy, for water, as a final request. They gave him a sponge of vinegar. The Catholic church reveres this as some kind of sign of mercy. I see it as a dick move. Someone is dying and the last thing they want is water and you give them vinegar. That's fucked up.

This actually makes me love Jesus more than I do already, to be honest. In the least it makes me hate his oppressors more. I know I'm not supposed to think like that, but unlike Jesus, I'm only human.

So that's why I wrote this post. To let you know the delusion of the Catholic church in this stark misinterpretation of this final insult to one of the most beautiful men in history, and their appropriation of the symbol of this insult onto all their iconography.

Unless of course, that was their intention, which most Catholics would say: "Absolutely not". After all, most Catholics don't know this and they are good people who don't have elite networks of pedophilia, drug trafficking, extortion, mass murder, war-making, king-making, arms dealing, art theft, relic / culture destruction, etc.

Anyway, when I went to translate acctum, it translated to ACCT. Of course, I wouldn't have known acctum was vinegar from Google Translate, because it gives me some cryptic "ACCT" translation. Which to my mind means "Account", because I'm used to looking at HR-related nonsense, as I'm sure most of you are used to doing as well. In fact, in today's world, ACCT always means account.

It's almost like they are whistleblowing on themselves as some kind of arcane mountain Nazis in some remote Swiss castle waiting to turn on the blue beams come Election Day. You know, so the Catholic church can roll us back to a new Dark Age.