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This time around we welcome Andrew Austin into the house. Andrew has been a psychotherapist since 1994 and has authored the best-selling book “The Rainbow Machine - Tales from a Neurolinguist’s Journal’, which has drawn comparisons to both Robert Anton Wilson and NLP co-creator Richard Bandler.

Andrew also has a lifelong interest in magick and mysticism. He’s an ordained minister for The Church of Subgenius, 2nd degree initiate in the Ordo Templi Orientis, trainee member in the Builders of the Adytum, member of the Order of Oddfellows and The Masonic Philosophical Society and the Chief Executive for the Order of the Historia Illius Itineris International. Hope I pronounced all that right.

Andrew has developed a bit of a different approach to psychotherapy. He’s combined his interest in magic and mysticism with psychology and neurolinguistic programming to offer clients an alternative to the numbing, ineffective pharmaceutical prescriptions we all love to hate.

And that is the basis for our chat here. It’s a rather productive conversation that touches on psychotherapy’s religious structure, psychedelics, NLP, Solomonic evocations and Andrew’s disdain for New Age-y spiritual and healing practices. So if you’re about to do a chakra cleanse, maybe tune that part out. But the rest you should absolutely tune in for.



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