Philospher Peter Sjöstedt-H is in the house to talk the alchemy of Nietzsche, panpsychism & more. SHOW NOTES

Occultist & psychonaut Julian Vayne is in the house to talk psychedelic ritual, Baphomet & more. SHOW NOTES

Astrologer Austin Coppock is in the house to talk qigong, decans & more. SHOW NOTES

Astrologer & tarot reader Preston Gibbs is in the house to talk fate, pattern recognition & more! SHOW NOTES

Poet Katy Bohnic is in the house to talk poetry, philosophy & rediscovering the feminine spirit. SHOW NOTES

Susie Chang & Mel Meleen are the hosts of Fortune's Wheelhouse, a podcast about tarot & esoteric correspondences. SHOW NOTES

Franceasa Seiden is in the house to talk sexual alchemy, sex & blood magick, sound baths & Japanese rope bondage. SHOW NOTES

Call this the "King of the Trios". We're talking Jack Parsons, the feminine & the Philip K. Dick world. SHOW NOTES

The bromance we've all been waiting for. Carl Abrahamsson & Mitch Horowitz together at last! SHOW NOTES

Rune Soup's Gordon White is in the house to talk Ursula Le Guin, dragons, the magic of fiction & more. SHOW NOTES

Psychotherapist Andrew Austin is in the house to talk psychotherapy’s religious structure, neuro-linguistic programming & Solomonic evocations. SHOW NOTES

Dr. Carolyn Elliott is in the house to break down the conspiracy against magic & take a look at the occult Millennial generation. SHOW NOTES

YouTube personality & esoteric researcher extraordinaire Michael Joseph is back in the house to dissect the religious beliefs of "the elite". SHOW NOTES

Independent researcher & "deep skeptic" John le Bon talks Bitcoin, crowd psychology, the Illuminati card game & the Saturn sync. SHOW NOTES

Author Danny Nemu talks cognitive anarchy, biblical linguistics, ritual poetics & the neuroscience of the apocalypse. SHOW NOTES

Sarah McAllister talks tarot, Burning Man, adopting a magical worldview & more. SHOW NOTES

Author Gilbert Bates talks love, primal therapy & the three levels of consciousness. SHOW NOTES

Author, blogger & independent researcher Tracy Twyman talks recent 4chan activity & her new novel "Genuflect". SHOW NOTES

Fantasy fiction legend John Crowley & occult blogger/author John Michael Greer chat about talking crows, pocket utopias & the future of storytelling. SHOW NOTES

Blogger Daniel Sadler talks Zoroastrianism, Jesus, Mithras & more. SHOW NOTES

Author P.D. Newman is in the house to distill the alchemical allegories of Freemasonry. SHOW NOTES

Author Taylor Ellwood talks about creating our own pop culture & spacetime magic system. SHOW NOTES

Blogger & podcaster Erik Arneson talks the art of memory, Bruno & the death of imagination. SHOW NOTES

John Michael Greer calls into the show to talk the history of the occult. SHOW NOTES

Author Tessa Dick talks about the work of her late ex-husband, Philip K. Dick. SHOW NOTES

YouTube personality & esoteric researcher extraordinaire Michael Joseph is in the house to read my natal chart & talk some occulture. SHOW NOTES

#TRAPorTREAT2 concludes with Seth Breedlove, filmmaker behind "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge" & the rest of the Small Town Monsters series. SHOW NOTES

#TRAPorTREAT2 continues with Jeff Wolfe from SecretTransmissions.com talking subversive horror cinema & the work of George Romero & Tobe Hooper. SHOW NOTES

#TRAPorTREAT2 continues with Natalie Zaman, author of the new magical coloring book "Color & Conjure: Ritual & Magic Spells to Color". SHOW NOTES

#TRAPorTREAT2 continues with YouTuber Matt deMille telling some weird & paranormal tales from his personal Hollywood experiences. SHOW NOTES

#TRAPorTREAT2 kicks off with Tracey Rollin, author of the new book “Santa Muerte: The History, Rituals, and Magic of Our Lady of the Holy Death”. SHOW NOTES

Author Nathan Dube talks about art, magic & his novel "A Labyrinth of Dreams". SHOW NOTES

Author and dream researcher Ian Wilson talks lucid dreaming, qualia & interconnectedness. SHOW NOTES

Dick Khan, a true modern-day psychonaut, is in the house to talk about his 600+ DMT experiments. SHOW NOTES

Redditor d8_thc is in the house to talk the work of Nassim Haramein & the holographic universe. SHOW NOTES

Retired LAPD detective Greg Kading is in the house to talk about his investigation into the murders of Tupac Shakur & Biggie Smalls. SHOW NOTES

Lance Gilbert, who wrote under the name Blood Ritual Monarch, talks about his experience with demon conjuring, mind kontrol & sexual possession. SHOW NOTES

YouTuber SMQ.AI talks the Mandela Effect, cymatics, CERN & transhumanism. SHOW NOTES

Psychedelic Milk podcast host Ed Liu talks about being woke & finding your magic. SHOW NOTES

Astrologer Carmen Di Luccio talks upcoming celestial movements, cryptocurrency & nutritional alchemy. SHOW NOTES

Occult Fan talks about The Holy Gift, a rearrangement of Tool's 2001 album Lateralus that contains some serious occult & esoteric symbolism. SHOW NOTES

Filmmaker Chris Garetano talks about his documentary Montauk Chronicles as well as his new show debuting on the History Channel called The Dark Files. SHOW NOTES

Greg Stewart, a 3rd-degree Blue Lodge Mason and a 32nd-degree Scottish Rite Mason, talks about occult & esoteric teachings in Freemasonry. SHOW NOTES

Olav Phillips, conspiracy researcher extraordinaire, talks about all things secret space. SHOW NOTES

Author & speaker Laurel Airica talks about the power & magic of language. SHOW NOTES

Blogger & podcaster Tommie Kelly talks about models of magick, hypersigils, divination & scrying. SHOW NOTES

Dan Willis, one of The Disclosure Project's top secret military witnesses, talks disclosure, mind kontrol, quartz crystals & the geometry of water.1 SHOW NOTES

Occult, esoteric & psychedelic artist Wanderweird (aka Chops) talks about consciousness and turning the Ars Goetia into a video game. SHOW NOTES

Nathan Lee Miller Foster (aka Occult Fan) talks about occult symbolism found in David Lynch's surrealist masterpiece, Twin Peaks. SHOW NOTES

Music journalist Joel Selvin talks about the historic free concert thrown by the Rolling Stones at the Altamont Speedway in December 1969. SHOW NOTES

Blogger Michael Huntington talks his travels to places of high strangeness across the United States. SHOW NOTES

Blogger Scarlet Ravenswood talks about paganism, wicca, witchcraft & Norse mythology. SHOW NOTES

Jeff Wolfe, scribe at SecretTransmissions.com, talks about Sinister Forces road tripping, occult philosophy, ritual magic & horror films. SHOW NOTES

Blogger & podcaster Isaac Weishaupt talks about his book "The Star Wars Conspiracy"/

UFO researcher Jane Kyle talks about Texas UFO sightings, Roswell hieroglyphs & the Black Knight satellite.

Filmmaker Joe de Kadt talks about his documentary “All the Gold You Can Eat”, which tackles the strange & mysterious story of ormus.

Author Tony Kail talks about hoodoo culture, its magico-religious roots in Africa, & how it impacted culture in Memphis & the rest of the American Mid-South.

The Wandering Witch herself, Natalie Zaman, talks about her book "Magical Destinations of the Northeast".

Author, podcaster & media theorist Douglas Rushkoff talks about Nazi interest in the occult, Aleister Crowley & propaganda in media and politics.

Poet Brian Abbott talks about poetry in the age of social media, love & cannabis, with a little hip-hop sprinkled in.

Author Craig Smedley talks about quantum ether manipulation, wave function collapse, resonance travel & spirituality.

Author Eileen Day McKusic talks about energy healing, sound balancing, the human biofield (aura), frequency, vibration & the electric universe.

Instagrammer Satchel McMahon talks about spiritual alchemy, advanced mineral-based healing & the violet flame.

Independent researcher Richard Armin calls into the show to distill one of the most mysterious stories of early 20th century occultism: the life & death of French cultural & intellectual giant Irene Hillel-Erlanger & her alchemical masterpiece “Voyages en Kaleidoscope”.

Dr. Jerry Brown talks about his book “The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity”.

Astrologer Carmen Di Luccio talks the astrology behind Trump, Standing Rock, upcoming retrogrades & different astrological techniques.

Linda Raedisch, author of “The Old Magic of Christmas”, talks witches, ghosts, elves, reindeer, magicians & shamans.

Author & podcaster Ryan Sprague talks all things ufology, including the UFO link to human consciousness & extraterrestrial vs. military abductions.

Members of the Ohio Ghost Hunters are in the house to talk about what they do, how they do it, different types of hauntings, tips for people who may be experiencing a haunting & some interesting paranormal anecdotes.

Author M . Andrew Jones calls into the show to talk about his philosophical treatise "The Story of Number", a short book about the implication of quantity & how it can be used to better understand our world.

Author Peter Bebergal calls into the show to talk about his book “Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll”. SHOW NOTES

Paranormal podcasting legend Jim Harold is in the house to talk creepy clowns, the Mandela Effect & paranomral skepticism. SHOW NOTES

Darren Grimes & Graham Dunlop, hosts of the Grimerica podcast, talk about UFOs, extraterrestrials, chemtrails & more. SHOW NOTES

G. Edward Griffin, author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, talks about the creation of the Federal Reserve, individualism & the proper function of the State. SHOW NOTES

In our debut episode, a chat with John Crowley, author of the World Fantasy Award-winning “Little, Big”, the four-volume “Ægypt Cycle” & the forthcoming "The Chemical Wedding by Christian Rosenkreutz". SHOW NOTES