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This time around we welcome Scott Gosnell into the house. Scott and I will be discussing the life and death of Giordano Bruno. Of course, Bruno is one of the reasons you are hearing my voice in the first place, so it’s really cool for me to be able to chat about his life with Scott, who may be the pre-eminent Bruno scholar here in the States.

Scott has translated four volumes of Bruno’s writings from Latin and Italian into English, and it’s the first time these works have been translated. How cool is that? How he came to do that is also a cool story that we’ll talk a bit about as well.

This is also a bit of an experimental episode, at least in terms of the format and preparation that went into this behind the scenes for me personally. It may not be that noticeable as a listener, but see if you can pick up what I’m puttin’ down.

And what I’m puttin’ down is a story that’s not so much about Bruno’s ideas as it is about him and the road he traveled to even arrive at those ideas, and some of the characters he may have encountered along the way.



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