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Chris Bennett has been researching the historical role of cannabis in magic and religion for over a quarter century. He’s written three previous books: Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion; Sex, Drugs, Violence and the Bible; and Cannabis and the Soma Solution.

But he’s here because today, Friday, April 20, he’s just released his most comprehensive book yet. It’s called Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs & the Occult, and it is literally anything and everything you’d want to know about the occulted use of cannabis in religion, mystery traditions, magickal rituals, alchemy and much more, and we’re gonna talk a bit about that.

Chris joined me via cell phone, so the audio is good, but not great. And we covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. And, honestly, this one is pretty chill and relaxed, as one might expect given the content. So do yourself a favor and make like Chong, and fire this one up, and take a hit from this audio bong.



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